Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Well 2010 has been full of so many different adventures. From student teaching, to graduating, to moving to Texas, moving from Texas, living with friends and being jobless, to being settled back in, and enjoying the last hours of the year with wonderful people.  Taking the example of a friend I would just like to share some of the highlights 2010.
January:  Starting my student teaching and going from full time at work to barely working 5 hours a week.

February: Being more busy than I thought humanly possible.  Juggling student teaching and classes.....really fun though.

March: finishing student teaching and really realizing just how hard Aaron had worked to make sure I was able to do my student teaching without having to worry so much about working.

April: Enjoyed the sunshine as we celebrated me taking me finishing school after a long hard journey I had finally done it.

May: Graduation!  It was done....the job hunt begins.....Trip to Colorado...definitely interesting....

June:  Still no teaching job....back to working full time. Was such a great time that we had enjoying the summer sun.

July:  Still no job offers until the middle of the month.  We were offered a job in Ponder TX.  Having to pack up our lives, quit our jobs, and moving 1300 miles from home....well that was quite an experience.

August:  I started teaching and coaching at Ponder High School....which ended up being one of the most difficult and awful times of our lives....however in retrospect....we learned so much about trusting the Lord and listing to the promptings of the Spirit.  We celebrated our 2 year anniversary and despite having so much going against us it was so great to be able to depend on the Lord and each other as we grew closer and stronger.

September: One of the most difficult decisions of our we decided to follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost, I quit my job and we moved back to Utah.....Started our difficult journeys of trusting that we had made the right decision.  When we arrived we were received with open arms and are so thankful for the generosity and love of friends We were also able to celebrate Aaron's birthday which was extremely fun.

October:  I found a job....we enjoyed the warm weather and really the company of each other.  I got called as the Activities Coordinator at Church and was able to plan a rockin' Halloween party in less than a month.

November: Aaron found work and we finally were able to move to our new apartment.  We were reunited with our "sons" (cats) after two long months of them staying with Anson. 

December:  Snow! Blah! Christmas was especially special this year as it was just the two of us. I made a full on Christmas dinner which was great for us to share together....just to get rid of that turkey......Last day of the year one of Aaron's mission companions came to visit from Brazil, and is currently staying with us for a while.  We spent the last few hours of 2010 on temple square freezing and then came home and spent time reminicissing and being in good company

We look forward to 2011 with great hope and faith.  Heavenly Father, despite all the trials he has given us, has blessed us beyond belief.  I am so thankful for the gospel in my life and so thankful that he has sent me the wost wonderful man on this earth to me to be my eternal companion. 


Paul Jessie and the Boys said...

fun! we did this too. :) am i the friend you got the idea from? what a crazy year you have had. glad to hear you're reunited with your kitty babies. :) merry christmas, and if you're ever in miami, give ME a call! :)

Paul and Jessie said...

we are in utah! i have no idea if you still check this or will get a notification or not, but EMAIL me if you do!! jesskent at gmail dot com!!! miss yoU!